Bra Fit, Part 5. Strapless bras that fit and the well disguised enemy, the compression sports bra.

We’ve hit all the high notes and are down to those bras used for special occasions like jogging and weddings. Although you might not wear these often, especially the strapless bras, it doesn’t mean you should cheap out or just accept the standard styles. So here are some things to think about.


Tip #1 Shop for your strapless bra just like you would your regular bra.

Your strapless bra will be designed just like your regular bra but with wider sides for support. The elastic band is the only thing holding you upright, so again, a quality brand is the way to go. Consider sizing down since the band and going up a cup size since the band is your entire area of support, but be careful. If you go too small the bra can end up falling down as it looks for a smaller place to sit since it’s so tight.

If you’re large chested a strapless can work for you, but if you want a little more insurance you can go for a longline bra instead. Oh yeah, and anything that gives you the uniboob is bad.


Tip #2 Don’t buy a compression sports bra, they make your boobs sag.

The dirty secret of compression sports bras (the type with no underwire or molded cups) is that do a bad job of limiting bouncing. Plus by smooshing your boobs they break down breast tissue and that make your breast sag prematurely. The same is true for minimizing bras.

A UK scientist even did an experiment on sports bras and bounce and determined those that worked best. Want to see proof? Here’s a video.


Tip #3 Minimizer bras are evil

Ok, so not a much a tip as it is a statement. As pointed out in tip #2, compressing the breast tissue causes premature sagging. Minimizer bras are designed to compress breast tissue. Ergo, if you wear a minimizer the ladies are aging faster than they should.


Tip #4 Need a backless bra? No you don’t, you need one of these.

For $8.50 you can turn almost any bra into a backless bra. This hook and eye with elastic contraption wraps around your back and hooks in the front, but lowers your elastic band in the back. An easy solution if you don’t want to buy a long line backless bra.



I hope this was helpful ladies, and I hope you’ll give your girls the kind of support they deserve!


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